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this way

we raise more glasses of liquor than we raise our fists in protest. drugs translate into open mindedness and family is a trap of culture. love means sex. hate is disagreeing with someone else’s opinion. there are more religions than i know the name of but every single one of them is “right”. fathers are absent, and mothers are 14 year old girls. happiness is the latest catalog body and apple product. beauty is skin deep. friendship is constant contribution to social networks. beautiful people are accessorized and mental illness is praised. we’re not worth anything unless someone tells us. we’re told to create who we are instead of accept who we are. we read more advertisements a day than we read people. if you’re afraid of something, it’s bad for you. if you’re uncomfortable with something, it’s bad for you. success is measured by the size of the bank account you leave behind after you die.

no wonder we’re all confused.



who said

this was


it is a cruel gesture to 
enter someone’s life and
allow yourself to mean
the entire world to them
when you are still
figuring out who you are.

do not promise someone
a vast ocean when
you are unsure that
your waves are confident enough
to reach the shoreline.