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they told me women in uganda would give birth to
premature babies and put them in underground holes,
and removed them only to feed them; in two weeks
the baby would be strong enough to go outside

nobody ever tells you that you will be sad;
that there will be things your white blood cells
can’t eat to protect you, or that the shower will
sting you like gunshots and you will want to run
so far away

anything to get away from the acid rain

you asked me how i had been and i couldn’t
force enough air out to tell you i

don’t think a person should keep track of all
their failures or what they’ve gained from other
people’s losses

i think you are lovelier than you are lonelier though
i sit on my hands to avoid properly telling you how 
i feel about you because every time i move, my
bones ring like church bells

you can’t simply sit comfortably and expect life to play out like a good dream. go after it like your running from a forest fire, and into the most welcoming warm rain. kiss the person you love, drive to the coast and make peace with the water without a second glance back to your doorstep, don’t wait for the earth to hand you trees to climb but find your patience in the deepest forest that you purposefully lose yourself in. we can create barriers for ourselves in the familiarity that traps us, but if you discover that isn’t enough, never arbor reluctance when we have opposite coasts waiting for us to find ourselves there and back again.